Two months after the election: what I’ve been up to!

Election celebrations

Tomorrow is two months after the election, and I wanted to give you an update on where we are with things.

Road and pavement surfacing:

The quality of Kempston’s roads and pavements has deteriorated in recent years, as other parts of Bedford Borough have seen improvements.

I have now put a whole host of Kempston’s worse roads and pavements onto the Bedford Borough list of priorities, and have agreed with the Council to have all of those suggested areas examined by the team. We won’t get every pothole filled and every road resurfaced, but we are now pushing harder and getting programmes for improvement onto the agenda.


Traffic solutions:

I have been in conversation with Council Officers regarding the woeful traffic problems in Kempston. I am pleased to say that they are now undergoing a review of which solutions could be considered.

Those potential solutions range from a small bridge from the Retail Park onto the closed road to ease traffic flow, to the widening of Cow Bridge – a key area of concern for Kempston residents – to allow for better flow regarding the yellow chevrons. I am glad we now have a review, and will be pushing for whichever options help ease untenable pressure on Kempston’s traffic.

Saxon Centre:

Kempston residents have been excluded from backroom conversations regarding the Saxon Centre’s future.

Since being elected Councillor, I have managed to get the area’s future onto the agenda for the Corporate Services Overview & Scrutiny Committee. I am determined that Kempston residents should benefit from the deal, improving our environment, business-friendliness, and aesthetics, including reversing the recent neglect of the area.

saxon centre bad                         saxon centre new

Antisocial and criminal behaviour: 

During 2015, Kempston has suffered an unprecedented amount of unacceptable behaviour in our town, emanating from one particular area.

After having worked with the Police, Antisocial Behaviour Council Officers and others in Borough Hall, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts have been issued and CCTV cameras have been moved to a particular hotspot for this. I am far from finished in terms of my commitment to pressing ahead with further measures, but we have seen some progress in joining functions that had previously been acting independently of one another.

Everything else:

On top of these concerns, I have also pushed for an extension of the yellow lines on the Ashdale/Spring Road junction to make things safer for pedestrians and bikers, and will hear back from the team regarding this soon. I have dealt with several individuals’ confidential concerns and continue to work with the Officers to solve as many of those problems as possible.

The Conservatives are back in Kempston, challenging Labour’s monopoly in our town. I hope we can deliver a better deal for you in the next four years.

If I hear that people would be interested, I am considering holding a community meeting either every 6 or 12 months to discuss what is going on, take questions, and hear ideas about how we can better our town. Let me know if you would be interested in this way of getting together as a community to discuss our local area. Email: .

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