Thank you, Kempston, for the opportunity to serve

Election celebrations

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those people in Kempston Central & East who backed me and others from our team on Thursday. I am so chuffed to have become your Borough Councillor, and will strive to ensure the best deal for Kempston. Commiserations to those who lost, and congratulations to others who won.

As well as the news of becoming Borough Councillor, I am also very pleased to share the news that we also have two additions to Kempston Town Council: Richard Hyde, who has a wealth of great experience, having previously served as Town and Borough Councillor in Kempston; and David Clarke, whose personal connections across our town will help provide insightful representation.

Across Town Council and Borough Council elections, many of our team were painfully close – sometimes having slashed large majorities elsewhere. I hope they will all remain involved, and help us as we fight to create a better future for Kempston.

I will inform you all of surgeries and plans once settled in, and I don’t want to become a stranger for the next four years now the election’s over! However you voted, please feel free to get involved at surgeries and with ideas for improving Kempston once all the initial paperwork has been completed.

Thank you again. There is now work to be done!

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