Visit to my old school, Camestone


Earlier today, I visited Camestone Lower School – the school I attended as a young child – to see recent progress and learn how the school can be better helped at a local level. In its most recent Ofsted report, Camestone was graded as a good school, and I was impressed to learn just how far education has come on over recent years. In every classroom that I visited, I was greeted by smiling, happy children who were genuinely engaged in their learning.

By a pleasant twist of fate, I was greeted by an old school friend, Miss Ducker, who has gone on to lead Key Stage 2 learning in the school; it was also lovely to see another old school friend, Mrs Gillespie, who has gone on to teach at the school, and who has also taken on special responsibilities.

The school has understandably changed quite a bit since I was there a couple of decades ago. A particularly nice addition to the school is an exciting ‘outside classroom’, hidden in the trees and shrubbery, which looks like an idyllic spot for summertime reading.

It was particularly interesting to hear how recent curriculum changes are being practically implemented in the classroom, and how they are helping children engage with each stage of learning more fully as opposed to being pushed through to the next stage without having fully grasped comprehension of each topic. This has had a really positive impact on children’s education, and I was pleased to hear from Camestone staff how important it is for the school to provide a solid foundation for Kempston children’s education.

Let’s support this good school in any way we can.

Camestone 2


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