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Less than Three Weeks in: problems and solutions

It is now almost three weeks after the election, and I would like to share what positive actions and approaches I have already taken in response to three specific problems – both old and new – for our town: Problem #1 The Lib Dem Mayor, Dave Hodgson, failed to offer the Conservative Group a single seat in […]

We won the election; now to win the cultural battle – why in 2020, it should be Proud Tories and Shy Labour

It is 2015 and David Cameron has been returned as Prime Minister, with the Conservatives securing a majority of seats in Parliament. Despite all the gloomy polls; despite the threat of UKIP splitting our vote; despite an electoral disaster in 2010 for Labour where ‘things could only get better’ for them; despite woefully uneven constituency […]

Visit to my old school, Camestone

Earlier today, I visited Camestone Lower School – the school I attended as a young child – to see recent progress and learn how the school can be better helped at a local level. In its most recent Ofsted report, Camestone was graded as a good school, and I was impressed to learn just how far education has come […]

Visit to Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara

I visited the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara on Sunday, 19 April, to partake in the Gurdwara’s ongoing Vaisakhi celebrations. Also in attendance were Richard Fuller, Conservative PPC for Bedford & Kempston, Jas Parmar, Conservative Mayoral candidate for Bedford Borough, and Kuldip Singh, my running mate for Kempston Central & East. Visiting the Gurdwara is a highly […]